How to Change a Light Switch

Why Should You Replace A Light Switch?
After years of use, a light switch may not function well. Apart from that, if you don’t use a light switch for years, then a light switch may not work. Furthermore, physical damages can also destroy a switch’s normal functions. Because of these reasons, you may want to replace a switch.

Tools That You Need To Replace A Light Switch
To change a switch, you will need
1) A voltage tester
2) A screwdriver
3) A new light switch
4) A wire stripper
5) Pointy nose pliers

How To Change A Light Switch?
Step One: Turn Off The Circuit Breaker Switch
First of all, you have to turn off the flow of the power. Hence, you need to cut the electricity. So, go to the circuit breaker switch panel. Now, find out the particular circuit breaker switch that connects the light switch. Turn off the circuit breaker switch. This will stop the electricity and you won’t get electrocuted.

Step Two: Remove The Switch Plate
After that, you have to remove the switch plate to reach the back of your switch. So, use the screwdriver and open the screws on the switch plate. After removing the switch plate you can see that some wires are attached to the switch.

Now, for your safety, you have to use a voltage tester. Touch the voltage tester’s head behind the electric switch. The tester will tell you – whether the switch has power or not. If there is no electricity behind the switch, then you can continue your switch replacement project.

Step Three: Understand The Wiring
Now, you may see many wires behind the light switch. But, you will only need the wires that are attached to the switch. So, remove these wires one by one using the screw driver.

Some tips
The hot wire is colored red and it will go to the brass screw. The neutral wire is white-colored and it will attach to the silver screw. The ground wire is green-colored and it will be attached to the green screw.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the wiring. In that case, you can take a picture of the light switch (before removing the wires). This will help you to attach the wires to the new switch.

Step Four: Install The New Switch
After removing the wires, you have to bring the new switch. You can use the wire stripper to remove halfinches of insulation from the wires. Then, use the nose pliers to twist the bare wires (anti-clockwise). This will create a pointed wire-head. Now, attach the bare wires behind the switch and tighten-up the screws. If your new switch has push-connectors, then you can use a screwdriver to attach the wires.

Step Five: Turn On The Circuit Breaker Switch
At last, you have to attach the switch plate to the wall. Then, you should turn on the circuit breaker switch. Now, turn your light switch on. If you have done everything properly, then the switch will work.

Before buying a new switch, you should check its measurements. Because if you buy a small or large switch, then it won’t fit your old switch (wall) plate. So, take necessary precautions and follow the above steps to change a light switch.

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