How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Installing a fan is quite easy if you have well defined instructions. These step by step how to install a ceiling fan guide are the standard installation procedure.

• Turn off electrical box switches and breakers.
• Remove the existing fan or lamp. If you do not have an electrical box, contact an electrician to install it.
• Check the existing electrical box to see if the fan bracket is needed to hang the ceiling fan. Consult an electrician if necessary.
• Remove the ceiling fan from the shipping box and check that all parts are in place.
• While the fan motor housing is on the ground, just mount the shaft on top of the fan. Some ceiling fans come with 2.5 ? and six ? rails or only one size. If you need a longer lever, buy it.
• First, remove the ball attached to the shaft by removing the screws located on the sides to mount the rod down. Slide the ball into the core and remove the pin; it is now touching. Remove the ball from the core down.
• Install the shaft on top of the fan. The down axis is screwed in place or slid into place. Use the inserted safety screw to slide it through the box, through the pin-down and secure with a pin on the other side. Screw all safety screws onto the shaft down.
• Slide any cover that may come with your fan to hide the bottom axle mounting joint
• Slide the Canopy to the bottom axle and drop it on top of the fan.
• Install the ball again, moving it to the bottom axis. Lower it slightly to expose the hole at the top of the stem down. Install the previously removed pin and slide the ball back onto the shaft to enter the ball. Tighten the safety screw that secures the ball to the shaft.
• At this point, I wanted to remove the blade and blade arm and attach the blade to the blade arm with the added screws for later installation.
• Attach the hanging frame to the electrical box.
• Install the fan motor by placing the ball on the suspension frame support. Turn the fan to insert it into the slot.
• Connect the electrical cord from the ceiling fan. Ceiling fans have several wires that run from the fan motor. Consult the manual for suitable wiring.
• If you plan to use the traction current on the ceiling fan to control the light unit and the fan speed, combine the blue and black of the fan and connect it to the ceiling power.
• If your ceiling fan comes with remote control, you may have a ceiling mount that needs to be installed.
• Once the fan is properly connected, insert all the wires into the electrical box.
• Slide the roof up onto the beam down and secure it to the roof with the included screws.
• Attach the blade to the motor.
• Install a lightweight package if you have to. Remove the bottom hub assembly by removing the screws that secure the motor, remove the cable harness. After the hub is removed, disconnect the bottom holes.
• Pass the electrical unit’s wires through the holes in the cover and screw the electrical unit to the hub. Once installed, connect the power pack to the existing wiring inside the hub. Secure the cable harness again. Slide the hub back into the engine compartment and secure it with the screws removed earlier.
• Install any mirrors for your lightweight gear.

If you’re the kind of person who likes having a visual to go along with instructions check out this super helpful video from The Home Depot!

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